Here are the publications from 2017 relevant to the development and history of Arts and Health.

  • Featured publication

    Creative Health: The Arts for Health and Wellbeing

    The aim of the report is to improve awareness of the benefits that the arts can bring to health and wellbeing, and to stimulate progress towards making these benefits a reality in the UK. This APPG inquiry into existing engagement of the arts in health and social care was made to make recommendations to improve policy and practice.

  • A summary of Age UK’s index of wellbeing in later life

    An AGE UK Index of Wellbeing in Later Life, which aims to support evidence-informed advocacy and policymaking, with coherent and person-centred quantitative intelligence.

  • A falls prevention programme: Evaluation of the pilot project

    Evaluation of an innovative dance programme for older people designed on the basis of evidence-based falls prevention interventions. Supported by funding from a range of sources including Arts Council England, City Bridge Trust and the Peter Sowerby Foundation.

  • Dance for Lifelong Wellbeing

    This project develops the research findings from the 2013 pilot of the Dance for Lifelong Wellbeing project undertaken by the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) contributing to and enhancing the research base in relation to dance for older adults.

  • Singing for Better Breathing: Findings from the Lambeth and Southwark Singing and COPD Project

    Findings from the Lambeth and Southwark Singing and COPD Project.

  • Dance to Health An evaluation of health, social and artistic outcomes of a dance programme for the prevention of falls

    This report provides the findings of an evaluation of social, artistic (creative), health and wellbeing elements of a specifically designed falls prevention programme: Dance to Health (DtH). The programme integrates two evidence-based exercise programmes, Falls Management Exercise (FaME) and Otago, with creative dance. Participants on the programme took part in twice-weekly classes for six months.

  • Wiltshire Artlift Move on Groups Evaluation Final Report

    This report presents the findings of the Artlift Wiltshire Move on Groups (MoG) evaluation conducted by the University of Gloucestershire between March 2016 and March 2017.

  • Reawakening Integrated: Arts & Heritage

    This investigation explores the feasibility of further consolidating the contribution that the arts can make to people affected by dementia, taking arts and heritage (A&H) to a new level in systematically integrating programmes into dementia care services.

  • A review of the evidence assessing impact of social prescribing on healthcare demand and cost implications

    A review of the evidence assessing impact of social prescribing on healthcare demand and cost implications by the University of Westminster, incorporating research from a Wellcome Trust funded seed award: 'Investigating the provision and conceptualisation of Social Prescribing approaches to health creation’.

  • Ageing in public: creative practice in ageing and the public realm from across the UK

    In 2014 Cubitt was commissioned by the Baring Foundation to produce a publication and conference on the theme of our Public Wisdom programme: exploring ageing, creativity and the public realm. The aim of both of these elements was to increase dialogue, make connections, and begin to build a ‘community of practice’.

  • Culture Health & Wellbeing: conference report

    The Culture, Health and Wellbeing International Conference 2017 took place in Bristol in June 2017, bringing together 453 speakers and delegates from 23 countries.

    The conference themes were wide ranging and included: reducing inequalities; promoting resilience, prevention and early intervention; improving mental health and wellbeing; and creative ageing. Abstracts were also encouraged related to specific health conditions; museums and health; training and networks.