• Arts and Health Manifesto (Part 1)

    Manifesto of the Arts for Health organisation at Manchester Metropolitan University explaining the beliefs of the organisation and their motivations for supporting the arts and health movement. It also outlines the broad goals of the group and invites the public to comment on the movement and give feedback on the ma...

  • Creative Minds Strategy

    The Creative Minds Strategy outlines the objectives and plan of action of the South West Yorkshire Partnership, an NHS Foundation Trust, to increase utilisation of creative approaches in the delivery of health servi...

  • Featured publication

    Final Report. Consultancy work to support the development of a national forum for arts & health

    A report to consider the potential for a visible, recognised and authoritative national body for arts and health and its core purpose.

  • The role of grassroots arts activities in communities: a scoping study

    Over 2009-2010, the Third Sector Research Centre (TSRC) undertook work to identify the current state of knowledge on small, below the radar, community groups and activities – the Centre undertook a scoping study to assess the lessons from the academic and grey literature across the arts, social sciences and vo...

  • The Arts and Human Development

    A paper by the National Endowment for the Arts examining the relationship between the arts and positive health and educational outcomes of the lifespan including early childhood, to youth and adolescence, to older adult populations.

  • Music and Arts in Health: A Perspective from the United States

    This paper from The University of Florida Center for the Arts in Healthcare discusses the arts, and music in particular, in the contexts of traditional cultures and contemporary biomedicine, psychotherapies and community practice