• Featured publication

    Dementia Friendly Hospitals from a Universal Design Approach: Design Guidelines

    These guidelines provide detailed guidance in relation to dementia related design issues and the Universal Design of acute hospitals in Ireland. It aims to inform national policy and be used in practice by all practitioners – those who...

  • What would life be – without a song or dance, what are we?

    This report examines the existing landscape and future potential of using therapeutic music with people with dementia, has been guided and informed by the Commission on Dementia and Music, made up of experts in the field.

    It aims to inform the reader of the existing dementia and music landscape, outline the p...

  • Strength in Networks

    A comparative analysis of six creative interventions designed for people diagnosed with dementia across England and Wales – part of Dementia Connect funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

  • Not So Grim Up North

    Not So Grim Up North (2015-2018) was a research project collaboration to investigate the health and wellbeing impact of museum and gallery activities for three audience groups: people living with dementia, stroke survivors and mental health service-users (including addiction recovery...

  • Art Thou Well? Towards creative devolution of mental health in Greater Manchester

    This report, written in the context of the Devolution deal of 2014, explores the myriad roles the arts could, and do, play in the service of mental health in Greater Manchester (GM). This report comprises a comparative study of practices in Finland and the USA, using a psychological perspective. Practical examples a...

  • Community of Voices Study Choir Program Manual

    The Community of Voices study and choir program was to examine the effect of participation in a community choir for maintaining the health and well-being of older adults from diverse backgrounds – this manual describes how both the program and study were designed and carried out.

  • The Lung Cycle – a day of creative investigation into singing for breathing

    Opera Singer James Platt, creative writer Rob Young and visual artist Paul Gent were brought together by Phoene Cave (singing for lung health trainer) and Adam Lewis (COPD research physio) to explore what it means to live with breathlessness with patients from Royal Brompton Hospital. One of the outputs was this new...

  • Arts and Health in Wales: A Mapping study of current activity

    An Arts Council of Wales study, mapping the range of current Arts and Health activity in Wales to inform a proposed  Arts and Health Action Plan by Arts Council Wales and the Welsh NHS Confederation for 2018 – 2021.

    The report covers the policy context, types of activity, the key players, practice and ...

  • The state of play: Arts and Older People programme

    Summary of findings about the impact of the Arts Council Northern Ireland (ACNI) Arts and Older People Programme, jointly funded by ACNI, the Baring Foundation and the Public Health Agency.

  • Featured publication

    Creative and Cultural Activities and Wellbeing in Later Life

    A new report from Age UK outlines the importance for us all of participating in creative and cultural activities to maintain our wellbeing and feel good as we get older, building on Age UK’s Index of Wellbeing in Later Life, which found that taking part in ‘creative activities’ such as the arts is closely lin...

  • Creative Practice as Mutual Recovery

    This report brings together the key findings from a major programme of research funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council UK, entitled: Creative Practice as Mutual Recovery: Connecting Communities for Mental Health and Well-being (2013-2018).

  • Homemade Circus Handbook

    This booklet by Upswing has been created to enable and inspire care homes and day care centres to try out some simple circus games and exercises, all drawn from Homemade Circus. The exercises are designed to be carried out by staff even if they have no previous circus training.

  • Art & Well-being: towards a culture of health

    The U.S. Department of Arts and Culture (USDAC) is a people-powered department — a grassroots action network inciting creativity and social imagination to shape a culture of empathy, equity, and belonging. (USDAC) has published Art & Well-Being: Toward A Culture of Health as a guide for Citizen Artists who pla...

  • Each breath is valuable: an evaluation of an arts in care homes programme

    The Arts in Care Homes programme was a joint funding initiative by the Baring Foundation with the Arts Council England (2013-2016) to explore models of professional arts practice with and for older people in care homes over three years.

  • A Culture Strategy for Scotland – draft for consultation

    This public consultation document seeks views on a draft Culture Strategy for Scotland which has been developed following engagement with people across Scotland during 2017 – the draft Culture  sets out a vision underpinned by a series of ambitions, aims and suggested actions for public consultation – t...

  • Arts in care homes: a rapid mapping of training provision

    This report provides a snapshot of the diverse creative ageing training provision available to artists and care staff in the UK as surveyed in July 2017.

  • Active Ingredients: the Aesop planning and evaluation model for Arts with a Social Purpose

    The Active Ingredients project has been developed jointly by Aesop and BOP Consulting. It aims to deepen our understanding of the ways in which arts interventions in health and social contexts actually work – and to improve the ways these are designed and their impacts measured.

  • Consultation response: The Culture Strategy for Scotland

    Voluntary Health Scotland’s consultation response to the draft Cultural Strategy for Scotland 2018, focusing on the relationship between culture and health.

  • A connected society: A Strategy for loneliness – laying the foundations for change

    This strategy is the government’s first major contribution to a national conversation on loneliness and the importance of social connections. It sets out government’s long-term ambitions to work with others to build a more cohesive and connected society. Alongside this, it includes a number of initial commitment...

  • Arts and culture in health and wellbeing and in the criminal justice system: A summary of evidence

    This report from Arts Council England provides a summary of the evidence around the place of arts and culture in health and wellbeing and in the criminal justice system, highlighting key themes to inform their future strategic priorities for 2020-30.

  • Live Music in Care: The impact of music interventions for people living and working in care home settings

    An evaluation of live music in care home settings which addresses the central question: “Can 11 weekly music sessions, provided for staff and residents in care homes, support the care home environment to be a place where residents and staff are happy to live and work?”