A.R.T.S. for Brain Health:Social Prescribing as Diagnostic Practice for Dementia

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Franklin Gould V

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Arts 4 Dementia

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Findings from Arts 4 Dementia’s two-year programme to help advance social prescribing at the onset of dementia symptoms – A.R.T.S. (Activities to Revitalise The Soul).

The role of the arts in combating loneliness and cognitive decline is now widely recognised as providing vital benefit to patients. GPs are also recognising that engagement by their patients with the arts eases the pressure on them. Working with social prescribing link workers, GPs can look to cultural and creative organisations to empower their patients at the onset of dementia earlier than ever before. The arts help patients to preserve their brain health, and keep active, connected and inspired in community life for years longer.

Over 200,000 people are diagnosed with a dementia each year in the UK. One-
third more will not receive a diagnosis, either due to personal or cultural fears
the word ‘dementia’ itself and associated stigma is a deterrent. Of those
referred to memory services for assessment for their cognitive challenges, one-
third will not have a dementia diagnosis2. All would derive cognitive benefit
and enhanced wellbeing through participating in A.R.T.S. programmes to
preserve their brain health.

The report, informed by 400 speakers at A4D’s two national conferences and
15 regional cross-sector meetings throughout the UK, leaders in dementia
prevention, creative ageing, social prescribing, culture, health and wellbeing,
people with lived experience, GPs, memory services and local authorities,

How engaging in A.R.T.S addresses modifiable risk factors for
dementia and protects against the advance of cognitive decline.

Current diagnostic practice for dementia, with case studies from
patients, how GPs and memory services offer or plan to offer SP.

SP, creative ageing and A.R.T.S. for brain health, with case studies.

Models for collaborative practice, for arts organisations to raise
awareness to SPLW and achieve sustainable A.R.T.S. programmes.

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Franklin Gould,V. (2021). A.R.T.S. for Brain Health:Social Prescribing as Diagnostic Practice for Dementia.. UK:Arts 4 Dementia.