Ageing Well: Creative Ageing and the City

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Lynch E

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Entelechy Arts, The Albany

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Entelechy Arts and the Albany co-produced Age Against the Machine, the London Borough of Lewisham’s Festival of Creative Ageing, winner of a Cultural Impact Award, as part of the Mayor of London’s London Borough of Culture initiative.
For three weeks in September and October 2019 Lewisham’s theatres, parks, community halls, streets, libraries, residential care homes and myriad other public spaces were host to music events, theatre performances, craft workshops, discussions, fashion parades, films, exhibitions and many more creative events all celebrating the creativity of older Lewisham residents. The festival demonstrated the power of the arts in enabling our oldest and often most isolated and excluded citizens to make an active and vibrant contribution to civic life.

At the heart of the festival programme, a symposium was held to reflect on developing best practice. Creative Ageing and the City brought together contributors from Manchester, London and Tokyo to explore effective ways in which artists, arts organisations, local authorities, health and other community partners can effectively work together in new ways to support isolated and frail older people connect with, and contribute to, the cultural life of their communities.

This Symposium report captures the key messages from the 11 keynote speakers and some findings from two roundtable discussion sessions. Key messages from the speakers’ presentations were: Creative Ageing sector is now on people’s radar but remains precarious; Local authorities have a key strategic role to play; Partnerships across different sectors and services are crucial for achieving funding and sustainability; Social Prescription is an opportunity; Listen to older people and involve them from the start; Artistic leadership and support for emerging artists at any age is vital; There is much work to be done in care homes; Creative ageing is now an international movement.

Main Focus: Wellbeing / Quality of life

Research Purpose: Discussion / Debate

Context: Community

Participant Group: Older Adults

Art Forms: Multi-Arts

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