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Art & Global Health Centre Africa: Annual report 2016

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Art and Global Health Centre Africa (Artglo)

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This 2016 Annual Report for Art & Global Health Center Africa (AGHCA) gives an update on ongoing initiatives and their impact. Projects include: “Students with Dreams” which gives young students the opportunity, using the arts, to realise their ideas for social change; raising of awareness of LGBTI community via distribution of the documentary Umunthu- An African Response to Homosexuality; the roll out of community screenings of Make Art/Stop AIDS. It also reports on the “Theatre for Healthy Living” programme, a partnership with UN World Food Programme. The report provides an overview of new “Special Initiatives” which include AGHCA’s contribution to arts festivals and TEDx events.

Main Focus: Wellbeing / Quality of life

Context: Non-Health Settings

Art Forms: Multi-Arts

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(2016). Art & Global Health Centre Africa: Annual report 2016. Malawi: Art & Global Health Centre Africa.