Art Lift, Gloucestershire (project extension). Evaluation report

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Baker C, Clark-Stone F, Crone D, Kilgour L

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University of Gloucestershire

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Art Lift is a 10-week primary care-based art intervention for NHS patients referred to reduce stress, anxiety or depression, improve self-esteem or confidence, alleviate symptoms of chronic pain or illness, and distract from behaviour related health issues. Qualitative evaluation concluded that Art Lift appears to help manage longer term conditions, and it was a useful tool to respond to episodes of mental distress. Findings also show this was a safe space for participation and engagement with others.

Evidence Type: Qualitative Research

Context: Primary Care

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Crone, D., Baker, C., Kilgour, L., & Clark-Stone, F. (2013). Art Lift, Gloucestershire (project extension). Evaluation report. Gloucester: University of Gloucestershire.