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Art & Well-being: towards a culture of health

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US Department of Arts and Culture

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The U.S. Department of Arts and Culture (USDAC) is a people-powered department — a grassroots action network inciting creativity and social imagination to shape a culture of empathy, equity, and belonging.

(USDAC) has published Art & Well-Being: Toward A Culture of Health as a guide for Citizen Artists who place their gifts at the service of healing, working for both individual and collective well-being, recognizing social justice as the foundation of a culture of health. Aimed at artists, organizers, medical practitioners, funders, educators, and policymakers who understand the critical importance of arts-based interventions.

This guide includes a framework for understanding a culture of health, one that responds equally to all individual and community needs. Looking at the social determinants of health—such as race, class, and gender—it demonstrates how social justice is the single greatest factor in ensuring well-being. It features three detailed case studies, dozens of project descriptions, and hundreds of links to powerful arts projects, research resources, and detailed accounts for those who want to go even deeper. A section on ‘right relationship’ covers ethics, partnerships, value, caring and self-care.
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Main Focus: Wellbeing / Quality of life

Research Purpose: Discussion / Debate

Context: Community

Art Forms: Multi-Arts

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U.S. Department of Arts and Culture (2018). Art & Well-being: towards a culture of health. USA: U.S. Department of Arts and Culture.