Art Works Evaluation Literature Review

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Clarke, Cox Tamsin, Fitzpatrick L, Gilmore A

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Paul Hamlyn Foundation

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This document combines two literature reviews with their accompanying annotated bibliographies which were undertaken for the evaluation of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation (PHF) special initiative, ArtWorks. It has been produced by the evaluation team, Tamsin Cox, dha, and Dr. Abigail Gilmore, Institute for Cultural Practices, University of Manchester, with primary literature research and annotation undertaken by Institute for Cultural Practices alumni, Liz Fitzpatrick and Lottie Clarke.

This literature review aims to:
• Provide a basis for contextualising both the research activities of the Pathfinders and the wider ArtWorks programme activities undertaken by PHF, within the evaluation;
• Contribute to the understanding of the wider bodies of knowledge and practice which Pathfinder and PHF research are building upon; and
• Comprise a useful bibliography for the Pathfinders, PHF and others working in this area.

The review encompasses literature from three main sources: policy, practice and academic research. It comprises two phases as follows:
Phase 1 Literature Review: Scoping baseline knowledge for ArtWorks on participatory practices, infrastructures and quality standards
Phase 2 Literature Review: Mapping and reviewing research on career entry, professional development and working conditions for arts practice in participatory settings

Evidence Type: Literature Review

Main Focus: Wellbeing / Quality of life

Research Purpose: Literature Review

Context: Community

Art Forms: Multi-Arts

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Cox, T. & Gilmore, A. (2015). ArtWorks Evaluation Literature Review. London: Paul Hamlyn Foundation.