Artist’s Handbook: A Guide for Artists Working in the Hospital Environment

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The idea of creating the Artist’s Handbook came into being during a meeting of Arts, Health and Wellbeing practitioners and organisers in Swansea, Wales. Many felt their first experiences of working in hospitals would have been greatly aided and enhanced, had they been introduced from the outset to the complexities of the environment, its staff and patients, policies, protocols, contracts and so on. This guide has been produced by a small team of individuals who have shared their understanding of these issues from different positions within the field of Arts and Health.

The guide begins with an overview of the structure and function of the NHS in Wales to give context for different types of arts commissions in healthcare settings, and provides several resources for finding arts-based work in the NHS. The following chapters provide suggestions and information about possible employment challenges (such as pay, insurance, confidentiality, and consent) and preparation (like DBS clearance and health and safety training) for artistic commissions, capital planning, evaluation and research as part of arts projects, and what healthcare staff need to know when working with a commissioned artist. Particular attention is paid to artists in residence and participatory arts projects, and best-practice advice is given along with specific case-study examples (some from the authors’ personal experiences) in hospitals and other care facilities throughout Wales, highlighting important aspects of implementing and planning these projects.

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ArtWorks Cymru. (2016). Artist’s Handbook: A guide for artists working in the hospital environment. Cardi : ArtWorks Cymru.