Arts-based Projects for Children and Young People

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Atkins M, McMahon S, Pujara S

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Project Oracle Evidence Hub

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This study has examined 18 examples of arts projects and arts-based practice in London. Across these, it has found a wide variety of different types of evidence and a range of outcomes from a sector developing its own approaches to evidence and evaluation. The art projects studied have shown the arts to be beneficial to a range of issue areas, from criminal justice to education, employment and the community.

They have also shown positive hard outcomes in crime rates, literacy and entry into employment, education and training, as well as soft outcomes such as increased self-esteem, increased dialogue and raised aspirations – it includes case studies from Clean Break Theatre, London Bubble Theatre and Magic Me.

Evidence Type: Literature Review

Main Focus: Community Development

Research Purpose: Literature Review

Context: Community

Participant Group: Young People (16-25)

Art Forms: Multi-Arts

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Pujara, S., Atkins, M. and McMahon, S. (2014). Arts-based Projects for Children and Young People. UK:Project Oracle Evidence Hub.