Arts, Health and Well-being

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Welsh NHS Confederation

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This briefing by the Welsh NHS Confederation provides an overview of the resources, findings and useable data that show the effectiveness of the arts in promoting and improving people’s health and well-being.
The arts can make a powerful contribution to health and well-being. There are many examples and much evidence of the beneficial impact they can have. Evidence has been compiled exploring the potential of the arts to impact on health and well-being in a variety of social contexts.
Four primary programmes have emerged from the existing research as the most common ways people engage with the arts in health: music engagement; visual arts; movement-based creative expression; and expressive writing. Other forms of engagement with the arts include drama classes and storytelling.
This briefing covers the four key areas where the Welsh NHS Confederation can see the positive impact of arts and health:
Patient Care
Healthcare Environments
Caring for Caregivers
Community Wellbeing.

They conclude that greater focus needs to be placed on high-quality evaluation of existing projects and initiatives, which would allow for robust comparative analysis. Equally, there is a need for appropriate longitudinal research into the relationship between arts engagement and health and well-being.

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