Arts in care homes: a rapid mapping of training provision

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Allen P

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Baring Foundation

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This report provides a snapshot of the diverse creative ageing training provision available to artists and care staff in the UK as surveyed in July 2017.

This research found many examples of good practice, innovative delivery, and
opportunities for growth and development. Training was delivered in person or online, and within these modes there were seven types of training opportunity identified: toolkits; one-off workshops; whole home & leadership training; maintenance models, mentoring; networks & peer learning; and conferences.
The author highlights the issue of variation in quality of provision and argues strongly for a system of accreditation, but it was acknowledged that more work would be needed to assess the practical implications of this suggestion.

Evidence Type: Survey

Research Purpose: Discussion / Debate

Participant Group: Older Adults

Art Forms: Multi-Arts

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Allen,P. (2018). Arts in care homes: a rapid mapping of training provision. UK: The Baring Foundation.