Best Practices in The Integration of Hospital Clowns into the Healthcare Environment

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Ferguson S

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Winston Churchill Memorial Trust

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This Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship report by Suzie Ferguson documents her findings, recommendations and dissemination plan following her six week trip to Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Lisbon and Paris between April 2016 and June 2017, researching the benefits of hospital clowning.

Can we reach a model of holistic health care in the UK where doctor and clown work side by side for the benefit of the patient? This research project focussed on best practices in the integration of hospital clowns in Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Paris and Lisbon, and aimed to answer the following questions:

• Does research into the benefits of hospital clowning make a positive difference to the perceptions of the work to healthcare professionals?
• Does a hospital clown’s presence in Surgery increase trust and therefore integration of hospital clowns more widely in the healthcare environment?
• What are best practices in increasing public understanding of hospital clowning?
• How can government policy affect the integration of hospital clowns into healthcare environments?

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Ferguson, S. (2016). Best Practices in The Integration of Hospital Clowns into the Healthcare Environment. London: Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.