Building Back Fairer in Greater Manchester: Health Equity and Dignified Lives

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Allen J, Boyce T, Goldblatt P, Marmot M, Morrison J

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Institute of Health Equity

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This report provides a framework for how Greater Manchester can ‘Build Back Fairer’ in the aftermath of the pandemic. Fundamental to achieving a permanent reduction in health inequalities is a focus on the social determinants of health: those factors outside health care that affect health. The framework calls for health equity to be placed at the heart of governance, including resource allocation, in Greater Manchester and for all policies in the region to be geared towards achieving greater health equity.

Some of the recommendations are new and some offer support for, and expansion of, existing approaches in Greater Manchester.

The Marmot City Region approach developed in Greater Manchester over the last two years has provided a good basis to place health equity at the centre of action in communities, local authorities and in the Combined Authority, and, we hope, with business, to focus on Building Back Fairer. Greater Manchester is well positioned to lead on this agenda. As a devolved region, it has the leadership, capacity, powers, partnerships and a strong identity that enable it to act on health inequalities in ways that are not available in other parts of England. Greater Manchester already has many investments, policies and strategies that are pro-equity in relation to economic inclusion, employment, housing, transport, the environment, education, early years, community support and public health.

The Inequalities Commission has made further important recommendations to push forward the goal of greater equity in Greater Manchester and to prioritise wellbeing. This report challenges the whole of Greater Manchester to go further and faster on reducing health inequalities and inequalities in economic, social, environmental and cultural circumstances.

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Michael Marmot, Jessica Allen, Tammy Boyce, Peter Goldblatt, Joana Morrison (2021). Building Back Fairer in Greater Manchester: Health Equity and Dignified Lives. London: Institute of Health. Equity