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Canadian Forum on Arts and Health 2005: Forum Summary Report

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Cooley N

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British Columbia Arts Council

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The Canadian Forum on Arts and Health was an invitational event held on March 14 – 15, 2005 in Vancouver, B.C. at the University of British Columbia’s (UBC) Robson Square Conference Centre. The British Columbia Arts Council (BCAC) hosted the Forum, with support from UBC’s Centre for Continuing Studies and an Innovation Fund grant from Health Canada, BC/Yukon Region. The Forum was intended to be an opportunity for Canadians active at the intersection of health and the arts to: share experiences and research in Canada; meet others from across the country who are involved in similar work; consider initiatives and research available from other countries; assess the implications for Canadian policy in health and the arts; and identify questions, issues, and opportunities that need to be addressed in these emerging fields.

This Forum is thought to be the first time that individuals from across Canada who were involved in any aspect of the intersection of arts and health and arts in health care had an opportunity to come together. Discussion topics included devising a national strategy (database components; mobilizing; publications; first steps; who needs to be at the table; how to break down silos, work across ministries; etc.), health care and arts (including: where are we with respect to bridging between them; research partners; focus on chronic disease as an opportunity; place of art in hospitals; sustainability for health care workers; etc.), funding policy, arts and community health (including: social justice; relation and role of spirituality; preparation and after care for art experiences; etc.), evaluation and research, and confidentiality (concerning respect for privacy; safety; ethics in the use of imagery; keeping a safe space; etc).

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Cooley, N. (2005). Canadian Forum on Arts and Health 2005: Forum Summary Report. British Columbia Arts Council.