Carers Create 2015-2017: Report on Activities and Evaluation of Effect

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Vella-Burrows T

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Canterbury Christ Church University

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A report on the effects of the Carers Create two-year creative arts project for carers of people with dementia and their cared-for relatives. Analysis of quantitative and qualitative data showed positive benefit to physical, mental, social and cognitive health and wellbeing of participants, and for engendering positive co-relationships and easing carer-burden.

The findings affirm the findings of previous studies and the recommendations by the National Institute of Care Excellence and the Medical Research Council for the provision for older people, of multi-component creative activities helps to engender life satisfaction and holistic wellbeing, to potentially reduce, delay or even avoid the use of health and social care services in the future.

This report documents the background to the Carers’ Create project for carers of people living with dementia and their cared-for, the activities delivered during its two-year programme, and an evaluation of effects. The project was funded by the Royal Surgical Aids Society.

The project delivered 205 activity sessions from April 2015 to June 2017. The activities centred predominantly on singing, music and physical movement/dance but also included: visual arts and crafts; Interactive Us! I-tablet photography, film and vox pops; djembe drumming; song-cycle-writing (including performance for BBC Inside Out programme); bell-plate ringing; and story-writing.

A total of 275 carers and their cared-for relatives took part in activities in one of four groups each meeting in East Kent. The average composition of groups was: carers 41%; cared-for people 38%; volunteers and partner organisation staff 21%.

Evidence Type: Longitudinal Study

Main Focus: Wellbeing / Quality of life

Research Purpose: Outcome Evaluation

Context: Non-Health Settings

Participant Group: Specific Physical Health Condition

Art Forms: Multi-Arts

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Vella-Burrows, T. (2017). Carers Create: an evaluation of arts-centred support services for carers of people with dementia. Canterbury: Canterbury Christ Church University.