Creative Evaluation Toolkit

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Hield A

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Artworks Creative Communities

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This is a creative evaluation toolkit which offers practitioners’ creative techniques to engage participants. It details a selection of creative techniques that practitioners can use to enable participants to engage in understanding and share their feelings and opinions in a reflective manner. It also gives guidance on how the material gained through creative techniques can be used to prove the value of our work.

This toolkit aims to:
Act as an introduction to or a reminder of the process of evaluation and the important role of creativity in that process.
Stimulate ideas for creative techniques that can be used in evaluation for both new and experienced practitioners.
Give step by step guidance to those new to the use of creative techniques to enable them to have a go.
Look at the place creative techniques have in proving the value of the work they do to funders, partners and commissioners.

Research Purpose: Outcome Evaluation

Context: Community

Art Forms: Multi-Arts

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Hield, A. (2012). Creative Evaluation Toolkit. UK: Artworks Creative Communities.