Creative Leadership and Forum Theatre: An evaluation for Odd Arts

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Froggett L, Kelly L, Manley J Y

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University of Central Lancashire

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This report is an evaluation of four in-depth case studies, where the delivery of a short theatre-based workshop module was observed in specialist settings relating to care, education and prison. Key outcomes included raised self-esteem; increased self-awareness and self-expression; empowerment; teamwork and leadership.

The Odd Arts Creative Leadership Programme is based on Odd Arts’ adaptation of Forum Theatre techniques, delivered in care and prison settings.

The programme aimed to improve learner experience and attainment through peer-led, issue-based arts projects; increase confidence, creativity, communications and team-work skills, and thereby increase employability; inspire learners to take control of their lives and recognise their own potential; teach creative leadership skills and engage learners in the arts as a means of communication; prepare learners for ASDAN (Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network) Level 1 award in Peer Mentoring (

Key outcomes of the module included raised self-esteem, enabling re-evaluation of past “failures” and future opportunities; developed awareness of imaginative approaches to life and problem-solving; demonstrated to participants that creative activities offer opportunities for self-expression and peer recognition; enabled participants’ voices to be heard through theatre increasing their ability to communicate; enabled participants to share and reflect upon apparently intractable issues that might otherwise have remained unexpressed; developed a feeling of empowerment and personal authority, highlighting aspects of leadership other than rule-bound discipline; increased appreciation of the nature and benefits of teamwork; provided an opportunity for pleasure, freedom of thought and a sense of release that was obtained through being able to participate in the creative process.

The evaluation team carried out four in-depth case studies by observing the delivery of a short workshop based module. The key method was observation, including some film-based recording. Specific aims of the evaluation were to improve design and delivery of the sessions; characterize Odd Arts’ distinctive model of practice; identify outcomes of the creative leadership module; refine and embed self-evaluation skills among Odd Arts staff; enable Odd Arts to better describe and advocate for what they do

Evidence Type: Case Study

Main Focus: Wellbeing / Quality of life

Research Purpose: Outcome Evaluation

Context: Non-Health Settings

Art Forms: Drama

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Froggett L., Manley J.Y., Kelly L., (2018). Creative Leadership and Forum Theatre: An evaluation for Odd Arts. Preston: University of Central Lancashire.