Creative Minds Strategy

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South West Yorkshire Partnership

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Over the last few years there has been a growing recognition by the South West Yorkshire Partnership, an NHS Foundation Trust, of the benefits of using creative approaches to improve the Trust’s offerings to service users. Where individuals have low expectations and poor self image, the sense of achievement found in creativity, gives them a chance to start to move away from negative or self destructive patterns and habits and start to write a new story that promotes recovery.

The Creative Minds strategy was written to outline the Trust’s commitment to further developing a creative approach to service delivery and provides a framework to build on current good practice, thus encouraging and promoting more opportunities for individuals/groups to grow creatively. The strategy also reports findings from inquiries of service users, carers, and health service staff on the observed benefits of creativity and creative approaches in care to health. Discussion of best practice examples, funding and evaluation approaches , and potential strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and consequences of the creative strategy are also included.

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South West Yorkshire Partnership. (2011). Creative Minds Strategy. UK: South West Yorkshire Partnership.