Culture and Wellbeing: Theory, Methodology, Stories and Other Challenges – an Itinerary

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Cicerchia A

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Culture Action Europe

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This report charts the development of a project led by Culture Action Europe between 2014 and 2017, the aim of which was to assess the impact of culture on people’s wellbeing, including direct experience of cultural practitioners and organisations and that of their public. The goal of the project is that cultural organisations should become accountable for their contribution to the wellbeing of both their own practitioners and their audiences, as well as find new ways to share their contribution to societal change.

The methodology of this initiative included:

  • collecting practice-based evaluations/case studies from the European context, and examining their evaluation techniques in order to provide organisations and cultural practitioners, as the project evolved, with new tools and frameworks;
  • researching relevant literature and references connected to the considerable international effort to develop theories on the relationship between culture and wellbeing.

The report describes how, over the course of the project, more than 500 people from 10 countries were directly involved in the literature review, research, collection of case studies, analysis, training sessions, meetings and discussions. Partnerships with universities, foundations and national institutes have been developed. More importantly, this initiative has brought about, for the cultural organisations involved, a co-learning experience, capacity-building, growing awareness and ability to express, communicate, share and inspire.

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Evidence Type: Qualitative Research

Main Focus: Wellbeing / Quality of life

Research Purpose: Discussion / Debate

Context: Community

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Cicerchia, A (2017) Culture and Wellbeing: Theory, Methodology and Other Challenges – an Itinerary. Brussels: Culture Action Europe