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Developing A National Network for Arts and Health: A Regional Inquiry

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Cooley N, Markle G, Parker A

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British Columbia Art Therapy Association


The purposes of this project were to refine understandings of the needs that a proposed national network for arts and health could address for those in Canada involved in various aspects of the intersection of arts, culture, medicine, and health; and to examine options for the structure of a national network. The project focused its examination primarily through the lens of the residents of the British Columbia / Yukon region.

The results of this project were intended to serve as a basis for further exploration, discussion, and refinement by interested parties in other regions in Canada. This project flowed from some earlier initiatives, including the 2005 Forum for Arts and Health held in Vancouver, and some follow up research on the level of interest across Canada in a possible national network for arts and health, also conducted in 2005.

Evidence Type: Qualitative Research

Research Purpose: Discussion / Debate

Art Forms: Multi-Arts

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Cooley N., Markle G., Parker A. (2006). Developing a National Network for Arts and Health: A Regional Inquiry. British Columbia Art Therapy Association.