Durham Commission on Creativity and Education

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Arts Council England, Durham University

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Arts Council England, Durham University

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The Durham Commission is a joint research collaboration between Durham University and Arts Council England, convened to look at the role creativity and creative thinking should play in the education of young people.

The Commission was appointed in response to the strength of opinion across the business, education and public sectors that young people are emerging into a world in which the skills and knowledge of the current education system will no longer be sufficient.

This report is the result of a mixed-methods research programme, consisting of: a global literature review; a questionnaire exploring the relationship between creativity, education and the workplace; interviews with key stakeholders across business and creative industries, education, early years practitioners, government and policy and arts and cultural organisations; a survey of headteachers and governors; and round-table discussions.
Chapter 2 presents the Durham Commission’s 10 recommendations
Chapter 3 explores the value of creativity, focusing on the three key areas of: identity and community; mobility; wellbeing
Chapter 4 examines creativity in the education system, focusing on: opportunities and challenges; how to encourage creativity in the classroom; a comparison of the English system with other education systems; creativity in extra-curricular environments.

Among the reports’ conclusions is the assertion that the integration of teaching for creativity in England’s education system will result in young people who have an ability to express their creativity and have the personal creative confidence that will support them in all aspects of their lives – not just in employment and economic success, but also in their relationships with others in their community and in their own identity, health and wellbeing.

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Durham Commission (2019). Durham Commission on Creativity and Education. Durham: Durham University and London: Arts Council England.