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Elevate: Using the arts to uplift people in hospital

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Boyce-Tillman J, Preti C

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ArtCare is the Arts in Health service at Salisbury District Hospital, permanently funded by the Salisbury Health Care Charitable Trust. In July 2013, the ArtCare manager approached the University of Winchester to commission a six months research-based review of Elevate, an art based programme that had been running in the hospital since September 2013.

The evaluation was carried out between June and November 2014. The aim was to find out the different aspects of the impact of Elevate on the patients, the hospital staff and the artists.


The overall aim of Elevate as described by the programme coordinator was ‘to raise the spirit of the patients staying in hospital through high quality arts events in hospital wards and in common areas within the hospital’.


Elevate, in the context of Salisbury District Hospital appeared integrated into the hospital culture and was part of the psychosocial support offered to the patients. This support proved to be very effective in enabling patients to reconnect with their memories through music, poetry, movement and storytelling, and/or to enjoy a social and engaging break from the hospital routine. The data suggest that Elevate did not only offer a positive distraction, but appeared to have an incidental therapeutic effect, at least on some of the patients. In this respect the programme also facilitated the work of the hospital staff with the patients. Elevate in the context of the hospital represented an occasion for the staff to use the arts to support the care of older people.



Main Focus: Wellbeing / Quality of life

Research Purpose: Outcome Evaluation

Context: Hospital

Participant Group: Older Adults

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