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Enhancing wellbeing in social welfare and healthcare services by expanding the percent for art principle

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Lehikoinen K

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Arts Equal

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Other Paper


This policy briefing, one of a series by Arts Equal, is meant for decision makers, authorities, the media and anyone interested in the realisation of cultural welfare as part of the ongoing SOTE reforms in the Finnish social welfare and healthcare sector.

The Arts Equal research initiative, coordinated by the University of the Arts Helsinki, examines, in collaboration and interaction with more than 50 partners, how the arts as public service can increase equality and well-being in Finland and meet the social challenges of the 2020s.

The Percent for Art principle refers to the practice of spending a certain portion of a construction project’s budget on art. This briefing advocates the expansion of the Percent for Art principle into social welfare and healthcare settings. It proposes that extending the principle would improve the opportunities of service-users of e.g. hospitals, elderly care, child/youth/family welfare services, home care, institutional care and mental health services to participate in the arts and culture, leading to improved wellbeing.

Arts Equal propose that the extension of Percent for Art should be incorporated into the reform of Finland’s social welfare and healthcare sector (SOTE reforms), thereby securing its funding and adoption by each of Finland’s counties/municipalities.

Evidence Type: Policy Document

Main Focus: Wellbeing / Quality of life

Research Purpose: Discussion / Debate

Context: Community

Art Forms: Multi-Arts

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Lehikoinen K. (2017). Enhancing wellbeing in social welfare and healthcare services by expanding the percent for art principle. Helsinki: Arts Equal.