Evaluation of Breath Cycle: Scottish Opera and Gartnavel General Hospital Cystic Fibrosis Service

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Drury R

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Scottish Opera

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The Breath Cycle study is a joint project between Scottish Opera Education and Gartnavel General Hospital Cystic Fibrosis Service (NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde) that involves patients with cystic fibrosis engaging with a 12 week intervention of fortnightly face-to face singing lessons from a professional opera singer and repetiteur (accompanist) from Scottish Opera (SO), and on-line lessons and feedback in the intervening weeks. During this period, a song (music and lyrics) is written for the participants which is learned and recorded (using both audio and visual technology) at the end of the 12 week intervention. As people with cystic fibrosis cannot be in the same room as one another due to cross-infection, the individual parts in the songs are recorded and then digitally mixed to produce a collaborative performance involving all participants

To date, many studies in this area have been exploratory in nature. The research thus far has served to offer a number of possible models to employ in future studies but a more refined understanding of the use of singing in therapeutic settings is necessary to develop more coherent mechanisms by which to measure the effects.

Research shows that the use of non-medical treatments, such as music, have been used either as an alternative or as an adjunct to conventional treatments depending on the condition, and that there is a growing interest in the health benefits of singing for both physiological and psychological wellbeing using both clinical and non-clinical models.

The project was funded by the Wellcome Trust and Creative Scotland, and facilitated by GGHCFS, SO Education staff, and freelance artists employed on behalf of SO for the duration of the project.

Evidence Type: Non-Randomised Evaluation

Main Focus: Wellbeing / Quality of life

Research Purpose: Primary Research

Context: Non-Health Settings

Participant Group: Specific Physical Health Condition

Art Forms: Music

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Drury, R. (2014). Evaluation of Breath Cycle: Scottish Opera and Gartnavel General Hospital Cystic Fibrosis Service. Glasgow: Scottish Opera.