Evaluation of the Bandrum pilot project

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Stevenson R

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Ruthless Research

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Scottish Care and Luminate, Scotland’s creative ageing organisation, wanted to distil learning gained from an earlier extended artist residency run by Luminate in partnership with Erskine Care Homes, and to explore whether this could inform the development of shorter arts in care projects.

This led to a pilot project which was delivered in early 2019 at Bandrum Nursing Home in Fife, by artist Fiona Hermse, who led arts and crafts sessions with care home residents and staff.
This report presents the findings of the pilot which set out to test what would happen if an induction process and full day visits were implemented in a short project. The features of the model were:
• Bandrum staff were able to spend time with the artist in advance;
• The artist spent full days in the care home, and worked around Bandrum’s daily routines;
• The artist mainly worked in visible spaces within Bandrum;
• The artist was allowed time to get to know the residents;
• The artist had the freedom to try different approaches;
• Various members of Bandrum staff were encouraged to get involved;
• The residency comprised group and one-to-one artwork sessions;
• The project length was two days of induction and nine days of residency;
• The pilot culminated in an exhibition.

The pilot project was recognised to have had a positive impact:
• The residents themselves demonstrated their enjoyment of the activities and produced some creative work which was shown in an exhibition.
• Staff members learned a lot from the artist and are expanding their creative practice.
• Bandrum’s management were positive about the experience, and continue to employ the artist after the pilot finished.

As well as the immediate impact of the work it is notable that Bandrum staff have organically grown their creative provision as a direct result of this pilot project aptly demonstrating the value that they place on what was achieved.

Evidence Type: Qualitative Research

Main Focus: Wellbeing / Quality of life

Research Purpose: Outcome Evaluation

Context: Community

Participant Group: Older Adults

Art Forms: Crafts

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Stevenson, R. (2019) Evaluation of the Bandrum pilot project. Edinburgh: Ruthless Research.