Evaluation Toolkit for the Voluntary and Community Arts in Northern Ireland

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Jackson A

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Annabel Jackson Associates

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This evaluation toolkit was written to help voluntary and community arts organisations in Northern Ireland to evaluate their work, especially their social impact on participants. Arts organisations in Northern Ireland are subject to strong pressures to measure their achievements and some already have excellent evaluation systems.

This toolkit was written in part in response to demand from arts organisations in Northern Ireland. It aims to increase the consistency of evaluation work so that individual arts organisations can better understand and explain their effects, but also so that the entire sector can make a stronger case to the Government. The toolkit is the first stage in a larger process that will a) see evaluation extended to all sectors of the arts, and b) will evaluate the impact of arts organisations’ work on audiences as well as participants.

Annabel Jackson Associates carried out a survey of arts organisations in 2003 which found that: 90 per cent of respondents thought that more or better evaluation information would help their organisation; 79 per cent of arts organisations believed that evaluation would improve the effectiveness of the organisation; Motivating staff and volunteers, and helping with fund-raising were secondary objectives (56 per cent and 49 per cent respectively); Arts organisations were keen to improve their own skills in evaluation, some 70 per cent thought that the best structure was to support arts organisations in self-evaluation, with only 21 per cent thinking that the Arts Council should take responsibility for evaluation.

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Jackson, A. (2004). Evaluation Toolkit for the Voluntary and Community Arts in Northern Ireland. Somerset: Annabel Jackson Associates.