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Evaluative Case Study: Gap Filler a creative urban regeneration initiative. A public health perspective

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Canterbury District Health Board

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Canterbury District Health Board

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This report aims to describe and highlight the role that Gap Filler has played, via a range of urban regeneration initiatives, in providing psychosocial interventions and support to the residents of Christchurch, following the devastating Canterbury earthquakes of 2010/11.

Following the devastating Canterbury earthquakes of 2010/11, Gap Filler (a registered charity) emerged and responded with a large number of innovative urban regeneration initiatives. Gap Filler has been prolific in the delivery of a broad range of artistic, creative, educational, enabling and inspiring interventions that have gained considerable profile and following among locals and visitors alike. The projects have ranged from small short-term installations or activities to major medium-term architectural-build projects.

This evaluative case study aims to: provide accessible information, gain insight, and assess the feasibility and practicality of a Gap Filler’s approach, for the purpose of informing other community development initiatives and/or wellbeing interventions, and to provide information relevant to potential funders. The case study also provides a structured record of the Gap Filler story but does not judge the significance or merit of individual projects, or the organisation overall. The case study drew primarily on semi-structured interviews with Gap Filler board members and staff members/volunteers. In addition, document reviews of the Gap Filler website, other internal documents, and other publications provided additional information.

Evidence Type: Qualitative Research

Main Focus: Community Development

Research Purpose: Outcome Evaluation

Context: Community

Participant Group: Adults

Art Forms: Multi-Arts

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Information Team Community and Public Health (2017). Evaluative Case Study: Gap Filler a creative urban regeneration initiative. A public health perspective. Christchurch New Zealand: Canterbury District Health Board.