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Fostering Cooperation in the European Union on Skills, Training and Knowledge Transfer in Cultural Heritage Professions

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The OMC (Open Method of Coordination) Working Group of Member States' Experts

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Luxembourg: Publications of the European Union

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The Council of the European Union invited a group of national experts to investigate skills, training and knowledge transfer in the heritage professions in Europe. The group was operational in 2017 and 2018 under the Work Plan for Culture 2015-2018, with the support of the European Commission.
This report targets the main stakeholders: policymakers (at national and EU level); education and training institutions; cultural institutions; and professional associations.
The experts discussed and developed the many issues affecting the current supply of, and demand for, cultural heritage training and employment. The group drew up national SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analyses and combined these to identify themes. They also widely consulted reports published by the European Commission and other sources. The group particularly benefited from study visits and the reflections of a group of heritage stakeholders working under the Voices of Culture initiative.
The analysis focused on the four development phases of potential heritage professionals: raising awareness; education and training; lifelong learning and knowledge transfer.
The recommendations in this report draw on practical examples, good-practice case studies and lessons learned. They aim to maximise the benefits and value that Europe could gain from improving the transfer of skills, training and knowledge in cultural heritage professions. They are summarised under the four pillars of the European Year of Cultural Heritage: engagement, sustainability, protection and innovation, as well as the transversal dimension of international relations.

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