How culture and creativity have been supporting people in health, care and other institutions during the Covid-19 pandemic

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Culture Health and Wellbeing Alliance

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Culture Health and Wellbeing Alliance

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A  report, recommendations and collection of case studies of work reaching hospitals, care homes, hospices, prisons and other institutions during the pandemic, led by the Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance in partnership with Live Music Now, Music for Dementia, Music in Hospitals and Care, the National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance, the National Performance Advisory Group (NPAG) for Arts, Design and Heritage in Healthcare, Paintings in Hospitals and Performing Medicine.

Just under half the projects featured online workshops, just over a third used pre-recorded performances, just under a third distributed activity packs or similar. Just under a quarter developed exhibitions, or coproduced artworks of various kinds with participants. The same number used live, online performance to reach their audiences. A fifth worked on exhibitions and a similar number created co-produced artworks. Other work was hugely varied but included activity packs specifically designed for staff, as well as postcards, radio programmes, phone-based workshops, outdoor performance and, when safe, one-to-one work.

The recommendations for funders, commissioners and policymakers are:
Celebrate, acknowledge, and learn from this work
Support creative freelancers through the pandemic and its aftermath
Invest in culture, health and wellbeing programmes and the partnerships that underpin them
Support training and research that will help the cultural sector to address health inequalities
Support training and research to help practitioners develop successful digital or blended approaches
Increase flexibility, trust and accessibility in funding systems.

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Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance.(2021) How culture and creativity have been supporting people in health, care and other institutions during the Covid-19 pandemic. UK: Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance.