Improving access to greenspace: A new review for 2020

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Public Health England

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This report by Public Health England offers policy, practice and research recommendations for local government and those working in partnership with it, for the evidence showing that living in a greener environment can promote and protect good health, and aid in recovery from illness and help with managing poor health.

In supporting the delivery of local health, social, environmental and economic priorities, good quality greenspace has the potential to deliver substantial benefits for public health and for wider local priorities at a relatively low cost. Despite this, it can be challenging to make a compelling case, and often greenspace is still seen as a liability rather than an asset. The full extent of the benefits can be unrealised because they are difficult to measure, cross local authority boundaries, or are accumulated over an extended time period. Natural capital accounting methodology and tools have now evolved to support local government to understand the true value of their green estate.

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Public Health England (2020). Improving Access to Greenspace: A new review for 2020. UK: Public Health England.