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In Harmony Lambeth An Evaluation – Executive Summary

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Demie F, Lewis K, Rogers L

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Lambeth Children and Young People’s Service

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The aim of the evaluation is to assess the impact of In Harmony Lambeth on the achievement of the participating pupils and to support the Local Authority to identify a number of common themes for success in raising achievement through music. The overall aim of the In Harmony project in Lambeth is for the local community and arts organisations to collaborate to support children to achieve the Every Child Matters outcomes.

This evaluation was commissioned by the Lambeth Music Service in consultation with the London Borough of Lambeth and the DfE.

In Harmony was a government funded pilot project, aimed to investigate the potential for music to improve the social circumstances and life chances for children living in a lowincome/socially disadvantaged area in England.

Evidence Type: Case Study

Research Purpose: Process Evaluation

Context: Education

Participant Group: Children (0-15)

Art Forms: Music

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Lewis,K et al, (2011). In Harmony: an evaluation - executive summary. UK: Lambeth Children and Young People’s Service.