Key Workers: Creative ageing in lockdown and after

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Cutler D

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Baring Foundation

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The value of creativity in older age is already well established and became more vital and urgent in the pandemic. Wishing to document and learn from this period, the Baring Foundation, which has funded hundreds of creative ageing projects, ran a small survey of 62 arts organisations as well as inviting 15 organisations to write short case studies of their experience of offering activities during lockdown.

This is the basis of this report and largely recounts the experience of arts organisations and artists. This report is written from the point of view of a funder, which for the last ten years has supported the involvement of older people, especially more vulnerable older people in the community or in care homes, in the arts, sometimes called ‘creative ageing’.

The survey results show that 54% of responding organisations maintained or increased participant numbers, 87% said their participants rated the experience broadly positive and 90% said their artists had needed to learn new skills. 90% of organisations are concerned about the financial viability of their organisation, 91% said they are worried about the health and wellbeing of their artists and 98% are more concerned about their participants health and wellbeing.

Evidence Type: Case Study

Main Focus: Community Development

Research Purpose: Survey

Context: Community

Participant Group: Older Adults

Art Forms: Multi-Arts

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Cutler, D. (2020). Key Workers: Creative ageing in lockdown and after. UK:The Baring Foundation.