Living Place Project Evaluation

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Collective Encounters

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Collective Encounters

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This research was a journey of discovery that began very simply with Collective Encounters’ artistic director chatting to key community members and went on to involve 6 artists and over 60 students and graduates in a wide range of processes. From psychogeography trails to voxpops, from structured interviews to artist’s residencies, the company tried to develop interesting and productive ways of engaging people.

Living Place Project incorporated the following elements:

An extensive creative consultation process with over 500 local people

My Perfect Place: a new piece of theatre one education for 7-9 year olds which was toured to primary schools across north Liverpool

Living Place Live: a multi-disciplinary sharing of research

Regeneration Generation: accredited drama trainman programmes for local people which resulted in participants creating and performing their own work

Performance and Possibility: an international conference on Theatre for Social Change co-hosted with Liverpool Hope University

The Harmony Suite: a large-scale documentary theatre performance which animated a derelict street in Anfield

Evidence Type: Case Study

Main Focus: Community Development

Research Purpose: Outcome Evaluation

Context: Community

Art Forms: Drama

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Collective Encounters. (2006). Living Place Project Evaluation. Collective Encounters