Making sense of Social Prescribing

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Anfilogoff T, Bertotti M, Carpenter A, Dixon M, Drinkwater C, Flemimg J, Kimberlee R, McGregor A, Pilkington K, Polley M, Poole J

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University of Westminster

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This guide was commissioned by NHS England and incorporates research from a Wellcome Trust funded seed award: ‘Investigating the provision and conceptualisation of Social Prescribing approaches to health creation’. Contributors include academics, healthcare professionals and leaders of third sector organisations.
The guide reflects the latest information about social prescribing and can be accessed in several ways. Each section is designed to be a standalone summary of a key aspect of social prescribing, with useful cross-referencing. As well as a glossary of key terms and published reports and papers, the guide contains a wealth of information on the different social prescribing schemes that exist; referrals; collaborations; funding; governance and evaluation of schemes.
As a resource tool, the guide advocates “key ingredients” which commissioners should incorporate into new schemes, to allow schemes the best chance of success.

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Polley, M., Fleming, J., Anfilogoff, T., Carpenter, A., Kimberlee, R., Bertotti, M., Dixon, M., Drinkwater, C., McGregor, A., Poole, J. and Pilkington, K., 2017. Making sense of social prescribing. London: University of Westminster.