Mapping Arts and Health Activity in Ireland in 2019

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Farina F

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Arts + Health Co-ordinators Ireland (AHCI)

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This report,commissioned by Arts and Health Co-ordinators Ireland (AHCI), is the result of a mapping exercise to measure the level and nature of active service provision in the field of Arts and Health in the Republic of Ireland in 2019.

AHCI’s report indicates that there has been a six-fold increase in the provision of Arts and Health initiatives since the previous mapping period (1987-2001) to 2019. Visual arts continues to be the most frequent artform (60% of programmes), while local authorities have replaced the HSE as the most frequent programme funder. Compared to the previous period, a higher percentage of programmes in 2019 had multiple contexts (11% vs. 65%), locations (4% vs. 20%) and beneficiaries (21% vs. 70%). Involvement of arts personnel has remained stable (>97%), while involvement of healthcare staff appeared to have decreased (83% to 51%).

An online survey was launched in October 2020 and remained open for six weeks. Potential respondents were identified through an existing database held by AHCI and an open call via social media and e-zines. Completed surveys were received from seventy unique respondents, representing 92 Arts and Health programmes across the Republic of Ireland. These programmes involved 3,854 personnel in total. Arts-based roles (e.g. artists, arts officers and arts facilitators) were the most commonly reported, accounting for half of all respondents. Just over one fifth of respondents were linked to a hospital or other healthcare organisation (21%). This may have been due to the COVID-19 pandemic priorities of the healthcare sector at the time of the survey.

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Participant Group: Adults

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Farina, F. (2021). Mapping Arts and Health Activity in Ireland in 2019. Ireland: Arts + Health Co-ordinators Ireland (AHCI).