More Than Medicine: New Services for People Powered Health

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More than Medicine: new services for People Powered Health is one in a series of learning products which explain why People Powered Health works, what it looks like and the key features needed to replicate success elsewhere. It draws on the experience of six teams who took part in People Powered Health, which was led by Nesta and Innovation Unit from summer 2011 to winter 2012.

‘More than medicine’ recognizes the social as well as medical aspects of long term conditions. It gives the NHS the tools to help people to exercise more, eat more healthily, build strong social networks and feel supported and in control of their lives. ‘More than medicine’ enables patients to access a range of social interventions to complement clinical care.

Through People Powered Health, the teams learned that there are many different ways to integrate and promote community-based services into health and social care. Three key elements help the process and are described in detail in the report: Social prescribing; Signposting; Community-based services.

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