Music and people with a learning disability. A guide for music leaders

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Mencap, MusicLeader

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Mencap, MusicLeader

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Music is often called the language of emotion and it has amazing power to change lives. As well as the huge enjoyment and sense of achievement gained from music-making, music opens up new ways for people to express themselves and make connections with others, allowing them to explore and show more of their full potential.

Many music leaders want to work with people with a learning disability but aren’t sure how to start. Mencap and MusicLeader Yorkshire have produced this national publication to provide more information and signposting about this exciting area of work. It discusses the barriers to participation that exist for people with learning disabilities, and covers aspects of planning and running a project including funding and training.

Mencap has produced a DVD about the arts and people with profound and multiple learning disabilities called ‘In the moment’, encouraging more practitioners to become involved in this rewarding area of work –

Main Focus: Community Development

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Participant Group: Specific Physical Health Condition

Art Forms: Music

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Mencap and MusicLeader. (2009). Music and people with a learning disability. A guide for music leaders. Mencap & MusicLeader.