Music, singing and wellbeing for adults living with dementia

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Victor C

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What Works Centre for Wellbeing

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This is the third of three reports that form the review of self-reported subjective wellbeing outcomes of music and singing for adults and it consists of five intervention studies of participants with dementia as well as one qualitative study.

The review encompasses data from 249 participants in quantitative and qualitative studies from 4 countries: Australia, Canada, Finland, France, and the United Kingdom. It encompasses interventions focussing upon singing or listening to music. Three key domains of wellbeing are reported; quality of life, depression and anxiety. Clinical studies of music and singing, including interventions for patients in hospital, studies where the focus is on clinical outcomes or dementia symptom management were not included . Studies were only included in this review where the primary or secondary study outcome related to wellbeing i.e. measured quality of life, life satisfaction, anxiety, depression and was self-reported by the person with dementia.

Evidence Type: Systematic Review

Main Focus: Physical Health

Research Purpose: Literature Review

Participant Group: Specific Physical Health Condition

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Victor,C. et al. (2016). Music, singing and wellbeing for adults living with dementia. UK:what works wellbeing.