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National Arts Centre: Roundtable on Music and Medicine

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National Arts Centre

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This report summarises the discussion at the National Arts Centre Roundtable on Music and Medicine, convened in October  2005. This first meeting in a series of three yearly roundtables on the subject of health and the arts examined the links between music and medicine.

How music helps us understand the brain and improves learning, how it can be used to treat stroke and help people with cancer, how people with dementia relate to music and the arts, and the relation between music and medicine from a funding perspective, were just some of the topics that participants discussed. Though the links between music and health exist, each presenter also said that much more research is required in order that more advances can be made and more knowledge gained about this compelling subject.

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National Arts Centre. (2005). National Arts Centre: Roundtable on Music and Medicine. Canada:National Arts Centre.