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NSW Health and the Arts Framework

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NSW Ministry of Health

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This framework launched a taskforce to help integrate the Arts into healthcare services, activities, and facilities across the entire NSW Health. The framework contains three sections: Governance; Partnerships & Funding; Operational Guidelines, Resources, and Information Exchange.

Governance highlights the structures needed to support health services to maximize the benefits of the Arts and Health programs, such as senior leadership, a locally nominated individual, a Health and The Arts Committee, and local health districts and networks. Partnerships and Funding lists out potential partners who would help with funding or in-kind support i.e. arts organisations, non-profits, local government, philanthropists, major corporations, health networks, and schools. Operational Guidelines, Resources, and Information Exchange informs that there will be a Guidelines for Designing and Managing Arts Programs in NSW Health Services and Facilities to help implement the new framework along with a Resources and Information Exchange online portal where resources can be exchanged across the Health and the Arts sector to help foster a community.

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NSW health and the arts framework. (2016). NSW Ministry of Health.