ISBN: 978-1-4731-1614-6

Older people: independence and mental wellbeing

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National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

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National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

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This NICE guideline covers interventions to maintain and improve the mental wellbeing and independence of people aged 65 or older and how to identify those most at risk of a decline. It includes recommendations on principles of good practice; group-based activities; one-to-one activities; volunteering; and identifying people most at risk of a decline.

The guideline is aimed at Local authorities working in partnership with organisations in the public, private, voluntary and community sectors that come into contact with older people; the NHS and other service providers with a remit for older people; and Commissioners of services for older people. It may also be of interest to older people, their families and carers.

Evidence Type: Policy Document

Main Focus: Mental Health

Context: Primary Care

Participant Group: Older Adults

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