Policy Action Team 10: The contribution of Sport and the Arts

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Produced by the UK Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) this Policy Action Team 10 (PAT10) report focuses on ‘using arts, sport and leisure to engage people in poor neighbourhoods, particularly those who may feel most excluded, such as disaffected young people and people from ethnic minorities.’

One of 10 Policy Action Team reports covering key areas of social exclusion identified by the Labour Government in their first term of office (1997-2001), this PAT 10 report recognises that participation in the arts and sport has a beneficial social impact, and that these benefits should be widely available to all sections of society. A key assertion is that ‘Arts and sport, cultural and recreational activity can contribute to neighbourhood renewal and make a real difference to health, crime, employment and education in deprived communities.’ However, it is recognised that at the time of this report there is a ‘lack of hard information on the regeneration impact of art/sport.’

For this reason, PAT10 includes the recommendation that DCMS should ‘commission longer-term ‘longitudinal’ research designed to assess the impact on individuals of participating in arts/sport related activities, including community development programmes, over a period of at least five to seven years. Such research should be formulated after a review of the existing national longitudinal surveys, to explore what they might reveal through secondary analysis of existing data and how such surveys might be used in future as a cost effective way of delivering the research recommended here.’ PAT10 also directed Arts Council England to develop partnerships and policies to strengthen the role of the arts in neighbourhood renewal.

Chapter one of PAT10 is entitled: The Contribution Arts and Sport Can Make. Here it is claimed that participation in arts, sport and leisure can ‘help address neighbourhood renewal by improving… health, crime, employment and education.’ The report claims to have found ‘ample evidence that community-focused arts and sports programmes can contribute towards each of these aims.’ One example given is START Studios in Manchester, which describes itself as ‘…a place where people recovering from mental illness ‘find that the arts are not merely a powerful antidote to loneliness, but also a significant means of self-fulfilment and of giving pleasure to others.”

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PAT 10 (1999). National Strategy for neighbourhood renewal: Policy Action Audit: report of the Policy Action Team 10: The contribution of Sport and the Arts. London: DCMS.