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Promoting appreciation for the role of arts in health and wellness in the Twin Cities

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This report presents findings from telephone interviews and ethnographic conversations with a diverse sample of 112 residents of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis–Saint Paul) on the value of the arts.
Key findings were: the arts are seen as a fundamental aspect of human nature; the arts can lead to mental, emotional and spiritual benefits, including personal well-being, and the arts can promote social interaction and bring people together to promote cross-cultural understanding.
In addition to these positive findings, the research also identified issues that present challenges in advocating for the role of the arts in health and well-being. These included issues around the meaning of ‘the arts’, the view that the arts are only accessible to those with the money to access them, and the sense that the arts are a form of leisure activity, without deeper significance. The authors draw on these findings to propose approaches to communication on the topic of arts and health, to help lay people appreciate the benefits that the arts can offer for both mental and physical well-being and health.

Evidence Type: Qualitative Research

Main Focus: Wellbeing / Quality of life

Research Purpose: Survey

Context: Community

Participant Group: Adults

Art Forms: Multi-Arts

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Topos (2019). Promoting appreciation for the role of arts in health and wellness in the Twin Cities. San Jose: Topos Partnership.