Providing and Promoting Social Inclusion: One in the Same? Critical toolkit

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Bartoli L, Curtis S, Hull H, Patel I

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Art vs Rehab

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This is a critical toolkit for providing and promoting social inclusion.It is designed to be used by a mixed group of practitioners working within art and rehabilitation. This may include artists, therapists, academics, service users, service providers, funders and commissioners.

Providing social inclusion for individuals and promoting social inclusion to the public are two separate aims. This tool kit invites us to consider where these aims can go hand in hand and where they might conflict.

ART vs REHAB is a platform for people working in art and rehabilitation; including those working creatively in addiction, the criminal justice system, homelessness and mental health. It is a catalyst for criticality and change in the field, based on the principles of open innovation and collaborative practice. Often, artworks produced by target groups are used to raise public awareness of the issues they face, e.g. homelessness, addiction, etc. This might be through exhibitions or promotional materials. The artworks may even be auctioned to raise funds for the supporting organisation.

Main Focus: Community Development

Context: Community

Art Forms: Multi-Arts

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Hull, H., Bartoli, L., Patel, I. & Curtis, S. (2012). Providing and Promoting Social Inclusion: One in the Same? Critical toolkit. UK: Art vs Rehab.