Public library activity in the areas of health and well-being

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Hicks D

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Museums Libraries and Archives Council

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The study found evidence of a wide range and diversity of health and well-being activity in public libraries. Despite this level of activity, however, libraries are not able to articulate their health and well-being contribution particularly well, to either partners or the public.

The report considers resources, partnerships, motivations, barriers and challenges. It concludes that libraries need robust evidence of impact, delivered in a language that commissioners and other partners understand. They must show how they can deliver the cost saving benefits of early intervention and of preventative services with clear health and well-being patient outcomes. The study identifies a number of possible strategies to strengthen the existing evidence base, including more research.


Main Focus: Wellbeing / Quality of life

Context: Community

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Hicks, D., Creaser, C., Greenwood, H., Spezi, V., White, S., & Frude, N. (2010). Public library activity in the areas of health and well-being . Birmingham: Museums, Libraries and Archives Council.