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Queensland Music Festival’s Help is on its Way Project Evaluation Report

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B. Bartleet, J. Walton, K.M. Boydell, P. Young

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Griffith University Queensland

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This report describes the outcomes of a research evaluation of the 2019 Queensland Music Festival’s (GMF) project Help is on its Way. This project was the second national choral initiative to have been programmed as part of QMF’s festival program in recent years with a focus on highlighting pressing social issues.
This research involved a survey with 305 participants from the Help is on its Way massed choir, observations of the final rehearsal and performance, as well as a series of interviews and focus groups with several participating choirs, the massed choir director, and the QMF team running the project. The evaluation strongly confirms that most participants experienced a highly positive creative and collegial singing experience that enhanced their own mental well-being and raised their awareness of the importance of help seeking behaviours in particular.

This report has four main sections: The first section describes the project and research context, and the approach used in the research evaluation; the second and third sections describe and discuss the findings of the evaluation; and the final section offers conclusions, implications, and recommendations arising from the research.

Evidence Type: Qualitative Research

Main Focus: Wellbeing / Quality of life

Research Purpose: Outcome Evaluation

Context: Community

Participant Group: Adults

Art Forms: Music

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B. Bartleet, K.M. Boydell, P. Young, J. Walton. (2019). Queensland Music Festival’s Help is on its Way Project Evaluation Report. Queensland: Griffith University.