Reimagining the future of health and social care

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Hannan R, Webster H

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The past few months, amid pandemic, have in effect been a real-time experiment of the capacity of the health and care system to meet our needs over the coming years.
This short stimulus report outlines the fruits of work carried out in the lead up to the Covid-19 crisis alongside an ‘in-the-moment’ sense of what we have learned about the UK’s health and social care system through the Covid-19 crisis, and how this might translate to profound change within the system. Based on consultations with those in the sector, the RSA explores three feasible scenarios for change: system stasis, pandemic NHS, and care horizon. The purpose of these scenarios is to inform the possible direction and necessary pace of change for the health and social care system going forward.

The RSA suggests how we can take the best elements from these very different scenarios to support ongoing thinking within government, the NHS (not least through the current NHS Long Term Plan), and beyond to move towards the health and social care system that we need: one that combines resilience, responsiveness, connected care and equity and which lays the foundations for innovation at scale.
The RSA recommends both immediate actions to build on the successes in responding to the pandemic and a national process of deliberative engage- ment with embedded consent amongst professionals, people with lived experience and the public more widely as a foundation for a new health and care settlement for England.

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Participant Group: Older Adults

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Webster, H., Hannan, R. (2020). Reimagining the future of health and social care. How to learn the lessons from the Covid-19 crisis for a next generation health and care system. London: RSA.