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Sing Me In Handbook 1: Collective singing in the integration process of young migrants. Singing with groups of young refugees

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The Sing Me In project

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European Choral Association

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This handbook is the first in a series of four outputs produced by the Sing Me In project, published by the European Choral Association- Europa Cantat. It is aimed at anyone considering or planning a project involving collective singing with refugees and asylum seekers in refugee and asylum centres, camps or similar accommodations for people migrating or fleeing from war and poverty.

The handbook gives practical advice as well as reflections on different sets of challenges and is divided into 5 clear chapters: organisation; attitudes; repertoire; leading the sessions; and performances.

Using two sets of questionnaires, information was gathered by partners in the European Union, Turkey and Lebanon from more than 100 different projects involving collective singing and young migrants.
In addition to these two questionnaires, more informal interviews and conversations were conducted through the networks of these projects, and reference was made to literature and online sources.

Evidence Type: Qualitative Research

Main Focus: Wellbeing / Quality of life

Context: Non-Health Settings

Art Forms: Music

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